If the writers decide that Sam, Dean, and Castiel die at the end of Supernatural, I don’t want it to be a bloody, gory death, or even if it is, I want them to die side by side. I want them to fight this war, whatever it may be in the last season, and I want them to go down, get to the point where they can’t fight anymore, one by one. Then I want one of them, whoever it may be, to end the fight, kill the enemy, and give in after all of those years. And then? I want the screen to go black and Dean’s voice comes in "We were hunters. We saved people, hunted things, for as long as I can remember. The road we traveled was a long one, we hurt, we fell apart… But I guess it was all worth it." And then I want them to wake up in the Impala, Sam and Dean in the same place they’ve been since the beginning of the show, with Dean in the driver’s seat and Sam sitting next to him. I want them to be parked in front of their old house, the one where their mom died, the one they left behind when they became hunters. And I want them to see all the people that they loved so much who’d died. Bobby, Jo, Ellen, Cas, Adam, Ash, Gabriel, their mom and dad, Kevin, Jess, even Meg. And the whole show goes silent and this version of Carry On My Wayward Son starts playing as they get out of the Impala and finally see everyone again. I want them to all go inside and Dean is the last one in. And he just looks around for a second, smiles, and as the words "Don’t you cry no more" play I want him to just close the door. That too much to ask?